Confirm Your Pregnancy

Approximately two weeks after conception or just one after you miss your period, an obstetrician, nurse-midwife, or clinictioner can confirm your pregnancy by testing a sample of your urine and examining you internally. What a pregnancy test is actually measuring is a circulating hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG, produced by pregnancy tissues and in both your blood and your urine after conception.

In your mother’s day, the urine containing HCG was into a frog or rabbit to uncover a budding pregnancy. doctors have more accurate ways of detecting the level of HCG in your system called irnrnunoassays.

However, it is very difficult to detect any pregnancy’ changes in a uterus one day after 3. Not until implantation has occurred at days 6 through 10, and it is only at that time that hormones are being excreted, So at ten to fourteen days, you can begin to pick up changes and detect 3. pregnancy. Home pregnancy kits, which use an immunoassay are available in most pharmacies and may be the fastest route to answer this major life question: Are you pregnant? Follow the package directions carefully. Kits rely on a chemical. When combined with your urine in a little test tube, this chemical will change colors in the presence of HCG

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