When you’re a mum, you tend to notice the onset of winter more than you would have done before the kids arrived. For one thing, you get a lot more mud and dirt coming through the door than you would if you had just adults living in your house, and the washing increases fourfold in wintertime as the kids get soaked every time you go out of the door! There are other things that always used to happen in winter that you didn’t really take any notice of – like the evenings getting so much longer.

Pre-kids, if it went dark at 4pm, you might have noticed, but it wouldn’t really dramatically alter your routine. If you were going out after work, the early arrival of nightfall wouldn’t make a difference. But once you have young kids, and the winter starts, you’ll find that you all spend a lot more time at home with hot chocolate in the late afternoon and evenings. winter white evening gowns and white suits or dresses like a snow. It’s great in a way. It’s cold outside and you can all hunker down in the cosiness of your home. But when you’ve already had three or four hours of indoor cosiness before the kids’ bedtime, the rest of the evening can stretch out ahead after you’ve tucked them in. There’s only so much TV that you can watch and you don’t always have the energy to concentrate on work at that time. So what can you do for entertainment? There’s always a project to do – particularly if you’re craft-orientated. But if you don’t feel like getting all that stuff out, you can always rely on the internet to throw up some diversions.

Online bingo sites like Costa are a great source of entertainment. And it needn’t cost much either. Bingo has always been a value game, play for real cash prizes of up to £50. For most people, though, the reason to play online bingo isn’t to win the money. Sure it’s a consideration, and there are some amazing cash prizes to be had if your numbers happen to be the right ones, but it’s just for the fun of it that most people play.

It’s not like the old-fashioned version of bingo where you have to concentrate on the number calls. The software marks the numbers off for you, so all you need to do is choose which game to play and how many tickets to buy. Then you’re free to just chill out and watch your card’s progress, or you may decide to meet other players in the bingo chat rooms. Chat rooms on bingo sites are hives of activity, with banter being thrown around all the time, comments about the game and chat games going on too.Of course, bingo is just one of many online games that could keep you busy during the long winter nights, but not every game offers that combination of value entertainment with a social side attached. Give it a try and see if winter evenings pass more quickly!

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