save-money-on-home-entertainment-systemAs it gets more and more expensive to go out more and more of us are being forced to spend more evenings at home with family to save a bit of money. Even the cinema is the best part of £10 for a single ticket so that’s not even a cheap option anymore! Keeping yourself entertained at home is now much cheaper than going out and we are going to give you a few tips on how to do this.

Buying DVD’s and CD’s

As much as you want to buy the very latest DVD and CD try to hold off for a month or so and often you will see the prices fall drastically. DVD’s in particular tend to drop their price very very quickly with a great one for selling top DVD’s at only £2.99. Shop around to get the best price and have a look in the reduced section and at what combo deals you can get, it could save you a lot of money.

Renting DVD’s, CD’s and games

With our increasing dependence on the internet and in general anything that saves us doing too much work, a lot of online rental companies have popped up that send the CD, DVD or game to our house and then we just post them back in the post once done. Lovefilm is one of the top services and they offer excellent rates on their delivery service offering flat monthly fees where you can choose what you want to receive from them. A good benefit about Lovefilm is that they often offer introductory free offers so you can try the service before you need to pay any money and if you don’t like it then you can just cancel.

Second hand DVD’s and CD’s

Ebay offers a great opportunity to pick up a bargain on an old DVD or CD. There are tens of thousands to choose from so you are sure to find something you are looking for and save yourself some money on your home entertainment. Charity shops are also a good place to pick up these types of bargains.

Use the library

Most of us never set foot in our public libraries either because we are not big readers or simply because it brings back horrible memories of having to study at college or university but the library has a wide selection f CD’s and DVD’s that can be borrowed for only a small fee, much less than you would pay at a DVD shop so it is worth having a look.

To sum up

We have tried to give you some ideas about how to save some money on your home entertainment but f none of these are what you a looking for then you always have the internet where you can spend hours trawling through websites and Youtube videos and in the end you will surely find something to amuse yourself with.

Here are some best home entertainment system

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